King County Case Assignment Designation & Case Information Cover Sheet

King County Local Rule LR 82(e)(1) requires every initial document (eg, a Will, a Petition for Letters, a Petition for Guardianship, etc.) filed in the Superior Court to be accompanied by a special form in which the petitioner states whether the case fits within the Seattle or Kent Case Assignment Area.  For probate cases, the proper area is whichever of the following two areas where the Decedent resided or, if the Decedent did not reside in King County, where any asset of the estate may be:

  • Seattle Case Assignment Area:
    • All of King County north of Interstate 90 and including all of the Interstate 90 right-of-way;
    • All of the cities of
      • Seattle,
      • Mercer Island,
      • Bellevue,
      • Issaquah, and
      • North Bend; and
    • All of Vashon and Maury Islands.
  • Kent Case Assignment Area:  All of King County south of Interstate 90 except those areas included in the Seattle Case Assignment Area.

If you are required to file one, complete a

King County Case Assignment Designation & Case Information Cover Sheet form

as follows:

  • Case Number:
    • If no Will has been filed:  Leave this blank.  The Clerk will issue you a Case Number.
    • If a Will has already been filed, Enter:  The case number issued upon prior filing of Will.
  • Case Caption:
    • If a Will, Enter:  Will of [Fill in Decedent’s name here], Deceased.
    • If an Estate, Enter:  Estate of [Fill in Decedent’s name here], Deceased.
    • If a Guardianship, Enter: Guardianship of [Fill in Ward’s name here], an Alleged Incapacitated Person.
  • Area:  Check:  Whichever of Seattle Area or Kent Area is appropriate.
  • Signature of Petitioner & Date:  Sign and date it.
  • On 2nd page:
    • Under Probate/Guardianship:
      • If a Will, Check: Will Only (last box down).
      • If an Estate, Check:  Estate (3rd box down).
      • If a Guardianship, Check:  Guardian (5th box down).
    • Under Domestic Violence / AntiHarassment:
      • If a Vulnerable Adult, Check:  Vulnerable Adult Protection.

Regardless of whether you file in person or by mail, file this document (with a copy for conformation) together with:

  • Decedent’s Will (if it is to be filed as a Will Only); or
  • Petition for Letters; or
  • Your Petition for Guardianship; or
  • Your Petition for Order for Protection of Vulnerable Adult; or
  • Any other Petition or Motion that initiates a case in King County.
Telephoning the Probate Clerk (Decedent’s Estate) Filing Decedent’s Will by Itself (a “Will Only”)

The Initial Filing in a New Case

Future Filings in an Existing Case