Estate of

Date Due

Date Completed

Date of Death
Case No.
Getting Appointed
Certified Copy of Death Certificate
Affidavit of Subscribing Witnesses
Case Information Sheet (King or Pierce County)
Petition for Letters & Nonintervention Powers
Designation of Resident Agent (if Non-resident PR)
Consent to Nonintervention Powers & Waiver of Bond & Notice
Bond (likely if intestacy)
Notice of Hearing
Proposed Order re Letters &Nonintervention Powers
Oath of Personal Representative
Will Admitted, PR Appointed, Nonintervention Powers Granted
Probate Notice to Creditors
(Separate) Petition for Nonintervention Powers
Consent to Nonintervention Powers & Waiver of Notice
Notice of Hearing
(Separate) Proposed Order re Nonintervention Powers
Nonintervention Powers Granted
Tasks Upon Appointment
Notice of Appointment to Heirs & Bfs (by 20 days after Appt.)
Probate Notice to Creditors to Legal Paper
Probate Notice to Creditors Date of First Publication
Prob. Notice to Creditors Affidavit of Publication
Expiration of Creditor’s Claim Period
Probate Notice to Creditors to WDSHS
Decl. of Addn. of Decedent’s SSN to & Mailing Copy of PNC to WDSHS
Notice of Appt. to WDRev & Decl/Mailing (by 60 days after Appt.)
IRS Form SS-4 (EIN)
IRS Form 56 (Notice to IRS)
Reasonable Review for Decedent’s Creditors
Actual Notice to Creditors (by 3 months after First Publication)
Decl/Mailing of Actual Notices
Disposing of Creditor’s Claims (after expiration of Creditor’s Claim period)
Inventory (by 90 days after Appt.)
Decedent’s Final Form 1040 Income Tax Return
Receipts & Waivers by Heirs or Bfs
Declaration of Completion
Notice of Filing of Declaration of Completion & Decl/Mailing
Final Distribution Period (5 business days after 30 days after filing)
Receipts by Heirs or Bfs