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Obtaining Information from the Court

  1. The Washington Court Database & How to Access It

  2. How Do I Determine If a Probate for a Named Decedent Has Been Filed in Washington?

  3. How Can I Obtain a Copy of a Document, such as a Will, Filed in a Probate Proceeding in Washington?


Interacting with the Court

  1. Probate Court Is Not ...

    1. Probate Court Is Not Law & Order

    2. Probate Court Is Not LA Law

    3. Probate Court Usually Has Only One Party: You

    4. Probate Court Is Often Part of an Ex Parte Department --- Read "Hectic"

  2. Filing Decedent's Will as a "Will Only"

  3. The Initial Filing in a New Case

  4. Future Filings in an Existing Case

  5. Satisfying Notice Requirements

    1. The "Notice Problem": You Must Attempt to Get Everybody Before the Court

    2. The Easiest Way to Solve the Notice Problem is to Avoid It Altogether

    3. Avoiding the Notice Problem Allows You to "Walk a Matter Through Court" in an Ex Parte Hearing

    4. Requests that Do Not Require Notice to Be Given

    5. Requests that Require Notice to Be Given, But Which May Be Avoided by Obtaining Consents & Waivers

    6. Requests that Truly Require Notice to Be Given

    7. Notice Periods

    8. Completion of Notice

    9. Proof of Notice


  6. Satisfying Local Rules

  7. Filing Working Copies

    1. What Are "Working Copies"?

    2. When Are Working Copies Required?

    3. How Are Working Copies Required to Be Marked?

    4. Where and When are Working Copies Required to Be Delivered?

    5. Why Are Working Copies Required at All?

  8. Appearing in Probate Court

    1. In the Courtroom
    2. When Your Case Is Called
    3. It's Now "Showtime"
    4. Back at the Clerk's Office
    5. You're Appointed !
  9. Making Conformed Copies

  10. Creating a Pleadings File

  11. Maintaining a Tickler Chart

  12. Papering the File


King County Issues

  1. King County Superior Court Clerk's Office

  2. King County Case Assignment Designation & Case Information Cover Sheet

  3. King County $15 Faulty Document Fee

  4. Probate Filings & Hearings in King County: "Downtown" vs. Kent

  5. Statutory 10-Day Notice Period Lengthened to 14 Days in King County

  6. "Walking a Matter Through Court" by Mail



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