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Probate Filings & Hearings in King County: "Downtown" vs. Kent

  1. Can "Kent" Documents Be Filed "Downtown?" (& vice versa)

  2. Can "Kent" Hearings Be Held "Downtown?" (& vice versa)

  3. When Must a Hearing Be Held at Its Proper Venue?


As shown on the King County Case Assignment Designation & Case Information Cover Sheet, there are two venues in King County for probate filings and hearings:

Downtown ---


Superior Court Clerk's Office

King County Courthouse - Room E-609

516 Third Ave

Seattle, WA 98104

Kent ---


Superior Court Clerk's Office

Regional Justice Center - Room 2C

401 Fourth Ave N

Kent, WA 98032


Does this mean that all Kent matters must be filed and heard in Kent and vice versa?



A.  Can "Kent" Documents Be Filed "Downtown?" (& vice versa)    


Yes.  Any document for a King County matter may be filed either "downtown" or at Kent.



B.  Can "Kent" Hearings Be Held "Downtown?" (& vice versa)    


Yes --- maybe --- no.  This situation is a little more complicated.


A hearing is required to be held at its proper venue (ie, either "downtown" or at Kent) in two situations:

A King County probate hearing may be held either "downtown" or at Kent if it:

What does this mean in terms of filing a Petition for Letters?


Simplest cases:  Both

may be filed and heard either "downtown" or at Kent.



C.  When Must a Hearing Be Held at Its Proper Venue?    


1.  Pre-filed Will:  If the Will has been previously filed (eg, a "Will Only" filing), then the Clerk's Office will have opened a file for the Will and stored the file at its proper venue.  At any hearing on a subsequently filed Petition for Letters (or any other matter that specifically involves the Will), the Court will want to review the original Will, and so the hearing must be held at the proper venue, where the Will is stored.


2.  Notice Required:

Regarding the Petition for Nonintervention Powers, what this means is that if you:

then the hearing must be held at its proper venue.



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