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"Walking a Matter through Court" means that regardless of whether or not Notice would ordinarily have been required to have been given for your matter, it nevertheless may be heard by the Court without:

  • Setting a hearing for it, or

  • Giving Notice of the hearing.

If Notice would ordinarily have been required, its requirement has been extinguished as a result of all of the interested parties having:

  • Consented to the matter to be heard, or

  • Waived Notice of the hearing.

A matter may be "Walked through the Court" in person or, in many counties for an additional fee, by mail.

"Walking a Matter through Court," ...
in Person or by Mail

  1. "Walking a Matter through Court"

  2. "Walking a Matter through Court" in Person

  3. "Walking a Matter through Court" by Mail


A.  "Walking a Matter through Court"    


If you want the Court to approve a request that either:

you may ask the Court to approve your requests at an ex parte hearing, using a procedure that is informally known as "Walking a matter through Court."  You may either "Walk your matter through Court" in person or, for a fee ($30 in King County), by mail.



B.  "Walking a Matter through Court" in Person    


To "Walk your Matter through Court" in person:


C.  "Walking a Matter Through Court" by Mail    


If you don't want to "walk your matter through Court" in person, many Clerk's Offices will do it for you for a presentation fee plus any other applicable fees (eg, for Letters or certified copies).  [So far, your author has yet to find a Washington County Clerk's Office that will not present an ex parte Order upon payment of a presentation fee --- if you find one, please let us know.]  Note: This is not a filing fee (which you have already paid at your initial filing), but a fee charged by the Clerk's Office for work out of its usual course of business (RCW 36.18.016(10)) to:

Ex parte presentation fees of some representative counties in Washington:

Remember: Of all the counties in Washington, King County is the only one known to accept a personal check --- all others require a money order or cashier's check.  And your request should be made in a cover letter, noting the case and its case number, outlining the circumstances, describing what you want the Clerk to do, and enclosing duplicates of all documents for confirmation and a SASE for returning the conformed copies to you.


Caution:  A major advantage of appearing personally in Court is that you will be there to answer any questions the Judge may have or to correct any errors or omissions in your documents that the Judge might detect.  If you choose not to appear, make doubly sure that your documents are complete and correct, as you will be relying on their "speaking for themselves" without the need for any additional testimony, and the Judge will likely not approve them if any questions arise.



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