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VIII.  Appearing in Probate Court

  1. In the Courtroom
  2. When Your Case Is Called
  3. It's Now "Showtime"
  4. Back at the Clerk's Office
  5. If You Have just Been Appointed


A.  In the Appropriate Courtroom    


B.  When Your Case Is Called    


CIt's Now "Showtime"


Your author suggests taking a deep breath and, in your mind, turning the matter over to the Judge and letting him/her "run the show."    


D.  Back at the Superior Court Clerk's Office    


At the Clerk's Office:


E.  If You Have Just Been Appointed Decedent's Personal Representative: Congratulations, It's Now Official.    


Now that you have been appointed:

Filing a Probate Notice to Creditors.



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